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Sober Living Housing Considerations

For recovered alcoholics, completing treatment is just the beginning of a potentially long journey. There is always a concern regarding relapsing, even for extremely motivated individuals. This is the case most especially when one lives in an unstable environment that is not completely drug or alcohol free.

This is why you should always consider a Sober Living House (SLH) for a period of time before taking the big step to re-integrate yourself with your community. Here are a few things you should look for in considering a Sober Living House:Female sober housing option in Milwaukee, WI

Reputation and accountability

The past is never a sure indicator of the future, but the amount of foresight provided is often a good gauge for anticipating what may happen along the way. SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching understands the importance of having a good track record and reputation in the industry. This is the high standard that we aspire to achieve with each patient that walks through its doors.

Consider quality sober recovery housing that will ensure patients adhere to strictly upheld rules and regulations, in order to remain on the straight and narrow. It is common practice for such houses to implement curfews, compulsory house meetings, administer urine tests, and in select cases, require attendance to 12-Step recovery-based meetings.

It is highly recommended to opt for strict sober living environment over ones that do not provide meticulous care for its patients. Accountability between residents, peers, and house managers will go a long way in a successful and complete recovery. Sober coaching is also a big key to success. SALS celebrates the restoration of a life dedicated to new beginnings.

Providing a Second Home

A Sober Living House should be a comfortable and safe environment for anyone who steps through its doors. Apart from its accessibility, it is clean and serene in its atmosphere.At SALS we always ensure that our properties are in good condition for our valued guests.

Majority of the living facilities feature a twin sharing room, but single room configurations may be difficult to come by. This might be disruptive to those used to privacy at home, but it is important for partners to have the support and accountability necessary in the journey towards sobriety.

SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching also offer gender-specific housing facilities for those who are more comfortable with that living arrangement.

The facilities offered by SALS may be a deal breaker to some. If you are accustomed to a more luxurious living, you might look elsewhere. Inspect the quality of amenities provided such as a swimming pool, a gym, or luxuries such as a sauna or Jacuzzi. We don’t have any of those at our high quality living facilities.Women's sober housing in Milwaukee


The surrounding neighborhood of a Sober Living House is safe and peaceful for obvious reasons. Neighborhoods vary within any city and we always attempt to purchase homes in safe neighborhoods. Occasionally, we will let go of a property if the neighborhoods suggests it is time.


Hopefully the pointers above will be able to assist those who are considering sober recovery houses. Although the options are numerous, and most provide a variety of services, quality is definitely something you should prioritize.


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