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Meet Our Recovery Coaches

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Jeffrey Margenau

My name is Jeffrey Margenau and I believe every addict can get clean AND stay clean. During my 21 years in recovery, I have sponsored and coached more than 200 addicts; drug addicts, sex addicts, food addicts, pot smokers, heroin addicts, dual diagnosed people, pill poppers and garden variety alcoholics. Both men and women have hired me to coach them. Clients achieve good results when they follow my structured four-step approach that includes admission (at 12 step meetings), acceptance (stop your dishonesty, debating and defensiveness), compliance (with your custom recovery plan)and surrender (to your amazing gratitude-filled life).

Our recovery coach in Waukesha, WI

Personally I’ve had a 12 step sponsor and a life coach since my first week clean. I haven’t had a drink since my first AA meeting or a drug since my first NA meeting. I abstain from caffeine, nicotine, extramarital sex and sugar. I can easily help you with any obsessive, compulsive, addiction because I’ve been there myself. I wrote and published a book for parents with addict children called, How to Keep Your Kids Off Pain Pills and Heroin. I’m the Week-End Manager at a residential drug treatment house. My passion is to help addicts recover by providing education, inspiration, confrontation and entertainment. I believe recovery should be serious and fun-after all God didn’t sober me up to be difficult as my first sponsor would say. I’m also a Registered Corporate Business Coach and I work with high income, high profile clients. This training keeps me focused on a results-oriented coaching style, one day at a time, with the utmost discretion.

And finally, my husband and I live in harmony with our Tabby cat, Tab and our rabbit, Kirby in Horicon Wisconsin. This makes it easy to see clients in Milwaukee,Washington, Dodge, Jefferson, Dane and Waukesha counties. My clients meet with me once per week for an hour or so and call me everyday to check-in.​

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