Intervention Services

An intervention is a process in which a trained individual helps the family stop the destructive behaviors of enabling and helps the still suffering alcoholic or addict enter treatment and begin a life of recovery.

​Our Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner will guide the family and the client through the intervention and see it though to completion.

You do not need to be a resident of SALS Houses to obtain intervention services.

Meet our recovery coaches and interventionists.​

What to expect from us

  • Listening to the family's needs
  • Educating the family about their response to addiction 
    1. (Love + Denial = Innocent Enabling)
  • Preparing the family and loved ones for the intervention
  • Coordinating with the family and treatment centers
  • Facilitating the intervention
  • Transporting/accompanying the client to treatment
  • Leading a post-intervention family meeting

You Can Help...

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