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What Happens When you Decide to Kick an Addiction?

Withdrawal and addiction are two different worlds! Addiction can affect anyone and at any time. Lots of people are addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs and even medications. The moment a person stops (or even decides to stop) an addiction, the body triggers reactions. These reactions can be crazy and extremely difficult to handle. Before you […]

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Understanding the Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are the most common programs related to helping people with chemical addiction. These meetings which are commonly referred to as AA meetings are designed with the aim of helping people who are struggling with alcoholism but are willing to quit and those who are in the process of quitting. Recovering from addiction […]

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The Anatomy of an Intervention

The Actual Meeting

It’s easy for an addict to get hooked and hide the addiction for a while, but then changes start taking place.  Money starts missing.  Possessions end up being sold.  Their physical appearance deteriorates.  They start to lose interest and focus on the things that mattered to them the most. Many lose or quit their jobs […]

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The Advantages of Choosing an Addiction Rehab

The Intervention Process

Substance addiction is devastating and harmful, often tearing families, careers, and lives apart. Recovering on your own from such a situation can be nearly impossible, which is why people turn to rehabilitation facilities. The Advantages of Choosing an Addiction Rehab: Many different benefits exist for those who choose to stay at a treatment facility for […]

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Why You Need a Certified Recovery Coach

A recovery coach bridges the gap between life and recovery

We, at SALS Houses, have been helping people to recover from their addictions and stay sober for years now. From our own experience as well as the results of numerous scientific studies, we can confirm that the rate of relapse for people in the first year of recovery can go as high as 65 percent. […]

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Sober Living Housing Considerations

Recovery housing in Milwaukee for females

For recovered alcoholics, completing treatment is just the beginning of a potentially long journey. There is always a concern regarding relapsing, even for extremely motivated individuals. This is the case most especially when one lives in an unstable environment that is not completely drug or alcohol free. This is why you should always consider a […]

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Is Sober Housing Right For You

A sober group environment crushes addiction

Humanity has many facets, and the ebb of triumphs and failures continue to flow through the ages. Each person has his or her own weakness. Some turn to addictive substances as part of an escape mechanism. Alcohol addiction is a very serious issue. If you have ever fallen into the spiral of alcoholism, you know […]

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What To Expect Living In A Sober House

Being addicted to heroin or alcohol is similar to being trapped in a dark pit. You’re often alone, those closest to you isolate you and before you realize it, you’re doomed to waste away in your lonely pit. The rehab process may get you out of the pit, but if you won’t walk away without […]

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