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What To Expect Living In A Sober House

Living in a sober house is a great way to continue sobriety

Being addicted to heroin or alcohol is similar to being trapped in a dark pit.

You’re often alone, those closest to you isolate you and before you realize it, you’re doomed to waste away in your lonely pit. The rehab process may get you out of the pit, but if you won’t walk away without looking back, you risk sliding back in.

The solution is to keep your sobriety by living in a sober house.

Figuratively speaking, this is how we view the rehab and recovery process; at SALS Recovery Housing & Coaching. We provide fully furnished sober houses for those that have completed the rehab process.

Here, you’re not just motivated and inspired by the Life Coaches that we have; you’re also given professional guidance and sober coaching.

We Craft the Perfect Sober Living Experience

Like mentioned above, our recovery housing programs are tailored to lead you away from the pit of addiction. Completing a rehab process is a commendable thing, but the transition afterward towards living a clean sober life is the trickier part.

At SALS Recovery Housing & Coaching, we have tailored our sober houses to provide you with the perfect atmosphere. The result is a place where you can reflect on your emotions and goals.

SALS is well aware of the mental turmoil that most addicts face, not to mention the low self-esteem that comes from being branded a ‘Heroin addict’. We have coaches who’ll meet you halfway in your resolve to reclaim your confidence and human dignity.

We target people who have successfully completed their rehab programs and are now seeking to maintain that clean trend outside the rehab center by living in a sober house.

It doesn’t matter how many times you relapsed or were tempted to use the very substance you’re trying to quit. SALS believes that full recovery is a long journey with ups and downs. As long as you have the will, we have the facilities and recovery housing programs to help you make your wish a reality.A sober group environment crushes addiction

You’ll be pleased to note that our spacious and affordable sober houses are all fully furnished, and have Wi-Fi. You’re able to engage your mind with positive online activities like watching recovery tutorials, motivational and personal experience videos of former addicts, and so on so forth. In essence, the internet exposes your mind to the larger world, while comfortably living in a sober house.

Exercise Helps Keep You Focused

Lastly, we also encourage former addicts using our recovery housing programs to embrace exercises and working out. Working out is a perfect way to detox, and clear your system of any traces of heroin or alcohol.

Again, you’ll be pleased to note that our sober houses are spacious. You can bring your own dumbbell sets or a rope to skip. Housemates can also go jogging together once in a while. Jogging is a great way to keep fit and strengthen team bonds between the housemates. Additionally, it helps your system eliminate waste and toxins via sweating.

Feel free to get in touch with us today for more details on our recovery programs. Don’t struggle alone; SALS Recovery Housing & Coaching is your reliable, caring partner when it comes to addiction recovery.

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