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Here's what some of our neighbors, residents, clients, and their families have to say about us:

Working with Patrick and SALS has been a great experience. I have been in and out of institutions for 10+ years and SALS easily tops the list as one of the easiest, cleanest, and most stable places to work with and live in. After coming out of treatment and moving into another halfway house in Milwaukee that was not a good fit, I contacted Patrick Reilly whose understanding and honesty painted a clear picture of what SALS could offer as far as recovery, stability, housing, and support. I made the switch to SALS within 72 hours and began a road to recovery. It was nice to have an individual follow up with me in a timely manner and provide me with all the information I requested in a straight forward manner. There were no surprises or false promises made and that was SO APPRECIATED by both my entire family and me after dealing with other resources for sober living in Milwaukee. I am extremely grateful for the help and support that SALS has given and continues to give me.

former SALS Resident

Going to SALS House is the second best decision I've ever made, going to inpatient treatment was the first best. SALS gave me the freedom I needed but still held me accountable to work a program of recovery and stay clean. The people that work at SALS place cared about me as a person not just a paycheck. I know for a fact without SALS place I would not be clean today. Living in a house built for recovery kept me honest and it kept me thinking about recovery all day everyday. When I was struggling early in recovery my house manager Tom knew exactly how to get me out of my head. He would check up on me throughout the day to make sure I was still doing okay. And even though I no longer live at SALS Tom still checks on me today. And I know that if I ever run into any problems I can call SALS and they will be there to help. Life today for me is the best it has been since I was a little kid. Being in recovery and working a program gave me a freedom that I have never known in my addiction. Without SALS life would not be good today. I would recommend SALS House to anybody looking for a recovery house to stay at. I owe my life to inpatient treatment and I owe my freedom to SALS recovery house. Sincerely, a grateful recovering addict.

Kevin K 
former SALS Resident

I ran out of reasons to use and it was at this point that I realized that I was powerless over alcohol and my life had become unmanageable. My journey led me to treatment and eventually to SALS House. SALS offered a safe, sober and drug-free environment that allowed me to heal, regain a sense of self-esteem, and a fellowship with my peers. I am truly blessed to have found SALS.

David M 
Doctor and mental health care provider

Staying at SALS after inpatient treatment was a tremendous gift for my early recovery. While I initially resisted the option of staying at SALS, it turned out to be a great way to transition from treatment to living back at home. It was very helpful to share the journey with others in recovery and to ease into a routine back at home. I highly recommend SALS for sober living.

Brad B 
former SALS Resident

Like these folks, you are not alone

Dear Kevin, Just a note to tell you what a great job you are doing with our son-
After being asked to leave three previous recovery venues, our son was literally on the street when you took him into SALS. He didn’t want to be asked to leave anywhere again and developed a good relationship with you. Although he drifted one time you gave him another chance and he was grateful.
With this type of addiction we never know for sure what the next chapter will bring. He has been sober for quite a while however and we have more hope presently than we have ever had with regard to his recovery. Keep up your great work on behalf of these kids. Very sincerely,

of a Recovery Coaching Client & SALS Resident

SALS has been a safe, positive & effective housing alternative for our son while learning the ropes during the early stages of his recovery. Transitional housing is not an easy thing to find for an individual coming out of the safety of a treatment environment. Kevin Schaefer, the GM worked with us from the beginning to make sure the house our son was in was the right fit. Through SALS, we were also able to set up Sober Coaching with Kevin Schaefer which has made a huge impact on our family so SALS has been a win-win for us.

of a Recovery Coaching Client & SALS Resident

Never did we think as parents we would find ourselves searching for guidance with our son's transition to the real world after in-patient treatment, direction after a relapse & court proceedings. Kevin has kindly and professionally held our hands through several ups and downs. Not only has Kevin been there at all times for us, he has built a relationship with our son that will never be forgotten or taken for granted. He continually directs us and our son through the recovery process with patience, optimism & commitment. We as a family cannot imagine going through this process without Kevin as our son's Sober Coach.

of a Recovery Coaching Client & SALS Resident

I have lived across from Sals House on Branting Street for over 4 years. I have had the pleasure of meeting staff as well residents since I moved here. Everyone I have met has been a great neighbor and am proud of the work being done by Sals Houses. They are providing a very valuable service not only to my community but for all Milwaukee residents.

neighbor of SALS Branting Recovery House

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