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You Don't Have to Conquer Addiction Alone!

Our mission at SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching is to provide the services and support to those suffering from Substance Use Disorder in what they need to move forward on their journey toward a fulfilling life in Recovery. The way we accomplish this is through our Recovery Housing and an Individualized plan that supports their recovery.

Let us help you continue your journey in Recovery

We are dedicated to our community to provide community education and awareness.

Recovery Housing

SALS offers freedom with accountability for men and women who are serious about their sobriety. Founded and managed by people who actively work a 12-step program, We provides non-institutional sober living with a unique balance of independence and structure.

Our affordable houses in Milwaukee and Waukesha are fully furnished homes which include utilities, furniture, kitchenware, mattresses, bedrooms, house phones, TVs and WiFi service. There are no leases to sign or utility bills to put in your name at any of our facilities.

We are committed to providing safe, comfortable, and modern Recovery Houses for men and women. A house that you can call your home―a home where the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction are understood.

​Take a look at our housing expectations to find out more about our Recovery House structure.

Staying at SALS after inpatient treatment was a tremendous gift for my early recovery. While I initially resisted the option of staying at SALS, it turned out to be a great way to transition from treatment to living back at home. It was very helpful to share the journey with others in recovery and to ease into a routine back at home. I highly recommend SALS for sober living.

Brad B 
former SALS Resident

Recovery Coaching

Navigating through early sobriety is very difficult. It’s challenging enough for the newly sober individual to focus on their recovery, let alone to be on their own, driving alone, managing court dates, keeping appointments, and staying accountable. Some may exit a residential treatment program only to find that life’s challenges can trigger thoughts of using.

A Recovery Coach helps bridge the gap between life and recovery.

Our coaches work closely with clients during this vulnerable time and help redirect their thoughts to create more positive outcomes. They offer a workable recovery program and monitoring, while creating a drug and alcohol-free environment. Our coaches help clients make positive changes for a better quality of life.

You do not need to be a resident of SALS Houses to obtain coaching services.


An intervention is a process in which a trained individual helps the family stop the destructive behaviors of enabling and helps the still suffering alcoholic or addict enter treatment and begin a life of recovery.

Our Nationally Certified Interventionist Practitioner guides the family and the client through the intervention and sees it though to completion.

You do not need to be a resident of SALS Houses to obtain intervention services.

To find out more about Sober Chaperoning, click here.

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