Expectations for SALS Sober Houses | Recovery Housing Expectations

Recovery House Expectations

What are the Expectations?

Our Vision is to meet each individual where they are at and guide them through a continuum of care that supports their needs.

Pairing our sober livings with outpatient addiction treatment services, as well as supportive social and community based platforms, ensures the “whole person” is engaged in the transformation process.

Independent Sober Living

Offers Independence while providing structure and a safe sober environment.

Structured Sober Living

Offers accountability, and immersion into a life of recovery.

Together, we can achieve our goals

  • Support available 24/7 or as needed
  • A clear plan for achieving your sobriety
  • A group of people with a common goal - Sobriety!

It's Time to Take Action...

Together, we can overcome anything!

As a resident of SALS Recovery Houses, some of the expectations you will fulfill are:

  • Moving forward in your own personal sobriety by having a sponsor, attending 12-step meetings, working a recovery program, and participating in weekly Recovery House meetings.
  • Being a good housemate by treating your house and fellow housemates with dignity and respect.
  • Being a clean housemate by helping out with household chores.
  • Being a responsible housemate by paying your weekly living expenses on time to avoid a late fee.
  • Coming and going as you please, so long as you come back to your house clean and sober and obtain permission from the House Manager if you'll be gone overnight. "Independent Sober Living"
  • Moving forward in your work life and searching for jobs if you're currently unemployed.
  • Maintaining total sobriety. The use of any mind altering substances will result in immediate removal from our Recovery Houses.

Also, in order for us to maintain a safe and sober living environment for all of our residents, the staff at SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching may take the following actions:

  • Random alcohol and drug testing as deemed necessary by the House Manager and staff. Refusal to conduct a breathalyzer or drug screen will be considered a relapse.
  • In the event of a positive alcohol or drug test, the resident will be asked to leave SALS Recovery Houses until a drug test is passed. After a clean test and a review with the SALS staff, a resident may either be reinstated or refused residency at the staff's discretion.
  • The use of alcohol or drugs will also result in immediate referral to a healthcare or institutional facility.
  • In the event of a removal from a Recovery House, the resident must collect their belongings immediately. If the resident fails to return to the house, belongings will be gathered and stored for a period of 1 week. After that time, SALS Houses will not store or be responsible for any items left behind.

Over the years, the residents of our Recovery Houses have found that our expectations have helped them on their journey towards a fulfilling life in sobriety by providing them freedom with accountability. If you'd like to read the personal experiences that some of our residents have had while living in our Recovery Houses, take a look at some of the testimonials we've received over the years.

Accountability is a key to successful recovery

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