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Why You Need a Certified Recovery Coach

In spite of the crucial role recovery coaches play in our society, most people still don’t know what a Certified Recovery Coach actually does. You can think of a Certified Recovery Coach as a sober coach – someone who has the necessary knowledge and skills to help people get rid of their addictions. This is a professional who guides and supports a person in recovering from addiction and preventing relapses.

A recovery coach bridges the gap between life and recovery

We, at SALS Houses, have been helping people to recover from their addictions and stay sober for years now. From our own experience as well as the results of numerous scientific studies, we can confirm that the rate of relapse for people in the first year of recovery can go as high as 65 percent. The odds are stacked against the person who tries to recover without any expert guidance, sadly. That is why Certified Recovery Coaches are needed.

Our recovery coaches strive to be actively involved in the lives of the recovering addicts. They do so to prevent any relapse from taking place. Every life coach at SALS Houses acts as a friend, philosopher and coach.

What our life coaches will do for you

If you are a recovering addict, you know how hard the struggle is. You’ve gone through rehab, counseling and support groups. You have managed to be sober for a significant duration. But you know that the war is not over. You’re still struggling. Even everyday situations are full of triggers that can make you relapse. You’ve been trying your best to avoid these situations and often overcome the temptations of the triggers through sheer will-power. The constant struggle has worn you out. You feel depressed, anxious and stressed out.

Our recovery coach in Waukesha, WI

You’re going through a phase where you are in dire need of recovery coaching. Our Ceritified Recovery Coaches will help you get out of your seemingly hopeless condition and hope for a better future. Our coaches do far more than what a therapist or a sponsor can do for you. A good life coach is a lot of good things rolled into one. Every single one of the life coaches at SALS Houses acts as a leader, a therapist, a partner, a mentor, a spiritual guide, and a cheerleader. Our coaches will do everything in their capacity to help you stay sober and build a meaningful, prosperous life. We don’t want you to just recover and stay sober. We want you to thrive!

When you use our recovery coaching services, this is what your life coach will do for you:

  • Always be there for you: A Certified Recovery Coach is not like the sponsors you might have experienced before. Sponsors are volunteers, but our coaches are professionals. So whenever you need your coach, you can count on him or her to be there for you to guide you through whatever difficulty you are facing.
  • Help you achieve your goals: Our life coaches do everything to ensure that you succeed. But they will not do your work for you. Your life coach will guide you in goal setting as well as make sure that you are consistenly progressing towards achieving your goals.
  • Keep you accountable: Your coach will ensure that you do exactly what you say you will do. He or she will also do everything to make sure that you don’t relapse.
  • Get you resources: Your life coach will help you get the resources necessary to get further treatment. You will also get support in finding jobs or getting educated.

If you think that you or someone you love can benefit from our recovery coaching services, please don’t wait. We at SALS Houses are always here to help you to achieve the future you’ve always dreamt of.

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