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Avoiding Temptations After Completing An Addiction Rehab Program

Avoiding relapse requires a support networkBeing able to overcome an addiction is a difficult and challenging journey. It can all be made easier though, with the right kind of help and people around. The major obstacle is avoiding temptations that will riddle daily life.

We know how it feels like to be free from the bondage of alcohol addiction.  Our coaches have walked with our patients at SALS Recovery Houses & Coaching for years. However, the true measure of success of any addiction rehab program is not being able to kick the habit.

Avoiding Temptations is an Ongoing Challenge

The true challenge is to ensure that one remains sober down the road.

An addiction rehab program allows you to be in a controlled environment, hence eliminating all risks of temptation.

What happens when someone completes the program and makes a return to the normal routine of life? There will be plenty of opportunities and situations that can result in stumbling, undoing perhaps months or years of hard work.

The key to a successful recovery is to avoid temptations after completing an addiction rehab program.

As addiction is not a temporary disorder, but rather, a condition that will last an entire lifetime for many. There is no magic or simple cure. There will be temptations and triggers to look out for. We have found a list on how to avoid temptations in order to maintain sobriety.

Getting Involved with a Support Group

It would be advisable to participate in aftercare or enroll oneself in support services in order to maintain a level of accountability. An accountability partner or group would go a long way in helping one keep on the straight and narrow. This is especially true in terms of avoiding temptations.

In the event of a relapse, the individual will still have someone to lean on and walk alongside them on the path to permanent recovery.

Purposefully Plan Your Route

The easy access toalcohol is also another potential pitfall that one ought to look out for. This makes it feel as though temptation is all around. It might sound paranoid, but it would be best to plot a route that goes through as few bars or shops that sell alcohol as possible.Use alternative routes to help with avoiding temptations during addiction recovery

Avoiding Situations that could be a Stumbling Block

Try to avoid parties or social functions where alcohol will be served. Alternatively, if there is no choice in the matter, go with a friend or family member in order to keep tabs on the situation.

It would also help if you inform the host that you are now sober so that the relevant arrangements can be made beforehand.

Get Fit

Use fitness to replace addiction

We would recommend getting an adequate amount of exercise as a replacement activity. This will allow one to maintain an acceptable fitness level as exercise releases dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel happy.

It will also help get rid of stress, which is another trigger for alcoholics who look to the bottle for relief from high stress levels.

Being active or taking up a sport will also help in avoiding temptations caused by boredom.

We hope that the concise list will come in handy for those who would like to avoid temptations. This is the most important step after completion of an addiction rehab program.

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