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Avoiding Relapse After Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Through Treatment

One particular form of addiction that has plagued mankind over the centuries is related to the bottle: alcohol addiction always starts with the first tipple in order to mask other issues in life and before you know it, it consumes the entire person while bringing grief and misery to those around the alcohol addict.

Overcoming Alcohol AddictionThankfully, SALS Recovery Houses and Coaching has been a shining beacon to those seeking treatment to free themselves from the shackles of alcohol addiction, rebuilding broken lives and bringing a sense of hope to those who walk through our doors.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is not an easy task, and the challenge is greater when the particular person has long relied on alcohol to be the panacea for all problems and issues in life when it does the exact opposite.

At SALS Recovery Houses and Coaching, we believe in our alcohol addiction treatment that will be a positive step in avoiding relapse after overcoming alcohol addiction. A cocktail of due diligence and proactive measures is a step in the right direction in any alcohol addiction rehab effort in order to prevent a relapse.

We understand that unless one becomes a hermit on an island, equipped with all the outdoor skills of Bear Grylls to be able to survive alone, it is all but impossible to live without temptations and triggers around that could lead to a relapse. Hence, the alcohol addiction recovery process has to include steps that will result in the right kind of decision making when confronted by a potential trigger or temptation.

Among the different kinds of measures taken to prevent a relapse in recovering alcoholics include the company and encouragement of support groups, the continued application of therapy, as well as the ongoing treatment of medication.

Eliminating any chance of alcohol exposure

Hence, it is extremely important to recognize the different kinds of triggers and temptations in one’s everyday life so that the appropriate preventative step can be taken. Just like how the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step, so too can the phrase “Just one drink” be the start of one going down a slippery slope.

The smallest exposure to a recovering alcohol addict is one of the easiest ways to trigger a full-blown relapse during the recovery period. This might call for measures that would seem to be extreme to others such as avoiding all kinds of food that contain even trace amounts of alcohol, as it means the difference between a relapse and being on the straight and narrow for a recovering alcoholic. This is a great reason to utilize the help of a recovery coach.

Be aware of environmental triggers

hang out for drinkingPeer pressure can be a force for good or bad, depending on the kind of people whom one hangs out with. The kind of social pressure piled on range from people to places and even activities that are associated with drinking. Even memories of old when one hung out with “the gang” at a favorite watering hole could lead to reaching out for just one drink.

As environmental triggers are virtually impossible to eliminate or avoid altogether, we have devised methods customized for each patient to make the right decision in the event where they come face-to-face with the numerous environmental triggers.

Aim for a stress-free lifestyle

Stress is often deemed to be one of the main contributing factors for alcoholics, which is why healthy living comes across as highly recommended by us. It does not matter where the source of stress comes from: be it from work, from a difficult marriage, family and friendship issues, money problems, all of these tend to lead one to find respite from the bottle.

SALS Recovery Houses and Coaching would guide our patients into eliminating the different kinds of stress factors in their lives. The family members and friends of our patients will also benefit from such a move, as they see communication improve and broken relationships restored.

Living healthily also encompasses getting the right amount of exercise in order to release feel-good hormones into

The right medication can help

Not all medication is bad, as there are some kinds of medication that can help one to return to the right path in life.

train the mind and bodyWe ensure that proper counseling is performed beforehand to prevent any kind of prescription abuse that often goes hand in hand with alcohol addiction. Perhaps the initial stage in the life of a recovering alcoholic might result in difficulty in getting to sleep, and rather than turn to the bottle, why not let a safe dose of medication ease one into a restful snooze?

There are also special kinds of medication that will be able to train the mind and body to recognize the negativity associated with alcohol consumption while helping the patient separate from any notion of positivity concerning alcohol intake.

Why choose us?

At SALS Recovery Houses and Coaching, we are more than just friends. We are the family who would want nothing but the very best for all who walk through our doors seeking help. Being fully staffed by seasoned professionals, our extended care treatment options will ensure that your road to recovery from alcohol addiction happens in a comfortable atmosphere that feels like home.

We also provide counseling services for those who are in the post-detox phase, and through years of experience, we totally understand a wide range of triggers that might cause one to revert to old habits and destructive patterns.

After all, when our patients stay with a group of people who have a common goal, permanent sobriety is easily achievable. Practicing what we preach, many of our recovery coaches have also gone through the very same gut-wrenching journey, only to emerge victorious to prove that there is no lost cause or person who cannot be rescued from their current torment. Offering a multi-pronged approach that has been tailor-made to cater to different individuals, we welcome anyone who would like to live life to the fullest without ever returning to alcohol addiction.

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